NeaRLy iMPoSsiBLe To FeeD THeiR BRaiNs WitH LeSsoNs BeCauSe


The Manila Times, Sunday, June 11, 2006


Nearly impossible to feed their brains with lessons because

6 million pupils go to school hungry

Basic education: The poverty and malnutrition factors

By Likha Cuevas

WHAT if the classroom shortage, the poor quality of textbooks and the lack of intellectually and pedagogically qualified teachers are solved?  How wonderful it would be if all Filipino children can be in education’s enchanted kingdom.

Do you think the problems of Philippine basic education would then disappear?

No! Not for almost one-third of all school-age Filipino children.  Of the 20 million schoolchildren who began the 2006-07 school year last week, almost 30 percent belong to families living below the poverty line.  The children of these poor families, about six million of them, go to school hungry or in a state of malnutrition every day.

Some actually go to school without having had any kind of breakfast, others after eating a handful of rice and a piece of tuyo (dried fish). Well-to-do pupils who are used to three square meals a day might faint with hunger by three o’ clock p.m. if subjected to this kind of deprivation.

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    erm…betul ke nie

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    ya ke.siannya

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